Vault Athletics and Fitness

Wellness Services

Our newly renovated recovery room provides muscle recovery therapy for clients dealing with, recovering from, or working to prevent injury. Supported by our licensed sport recovery trainers, these services help prolong high intensity play by removing lactic acid, improving circulation, and reducing muscle tensions.
Through the use of our inversion table, Theraboots and Theragun, improved flexibility and range of motion will not only prioritize their development but maximizes their performance.
In addition to all of our other resources, we are pleased to have available to you Dr. Megan Jones who is a board certified Physical Therapist. Dr. Jones provides complete physical therapy services, dry needling, bloodflow restriction therapy, and manual therapy.


Full Body Manipulation, Upper Body (Head, Neck, Shoulders) Manipulation, Hot Stones, Cupping, Scraping, Dry Needling, Free Injury Prevention Assessment, Full Physical Therapy Services (Including Evaluation and Treatment Plans)